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Speech Arts.Visual Arts
April 7 through to April 25

Participating Communities
Alexander * Boissevain * Brandon * Carroll * Cartwright * Coulter * Deleau * Deloraine * Dunrea * Elgin * Goodlands * Hartney * Killarney * Lauder * Medora * Melita * Napinka * Nth Dakota * Pierson * Souris * Tilston * Waskada

The Deloraine Border Festival presents an opportunity for students in southwest Manitoba to participate in a variety of artistic endeavours, a chance to perform, to learn and to enjoy.
Each spring, we listen and watch with joy and wonder as the artistic talent that blooms and grows in our communities is shared with others at our festival.  Thanks to all who make it happen.
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Jessica Goethals Winner Grade 10-12 Public Speaking – Associated Manitoba Arts Festival Scholarship

Braden Davis received Honorable Mention Manitoba Composition Competition (Piano):  “Gwone”

Jessica Goethals Winner Grade 7-9 Public Speaking - Mary Neill Adjudicator's Scholarship
Sydney Laval received runner-up Grade 10-12 Public Speaking Class

Sydney Laval received runner-up Poetry & Prose, Grades 10-12 - Colin Mailer Memorial Scholarship

Jesse Billiaert Winner of Poetry & Prose, Grades 10-12 - Colin Mailer Memorial Scholarship
Brett Meggison received runner-up Jean & Lorne Chapple Scholarship for Outstanding Piano, J.S. Bach

Brett Meggison Winner Jean & Lorne Chapple Scholarship for Outstanding Piano, J.S. Bach
Jonathon Klassen received runner-up Intermediate Piano Class

Lesley Goethals received runner-up Grade 10-12 Public Speaking Class
Helene Renaud received runner-up Advanced Cdn Composers Class

Brett Meggison received runner-up Junior Piano Class

Laughlin McKinnon received runner-up Grade 7-9 Poetry & Prose

Michelle Todd was recommended to compete in Western Finals in Victoria in May after winning the Junior Baldwin Piano & Organ Festival Award in Brandon

Visual Arts Scholarship - Kadin Nestibo - Goodlands
Tudor Bowl (Piano) - Josie Meggison - Goodlands
Rose Bowl (Vocal) - Josie Meggison - Goodlands
Oratorical Cup (Speech Arts) - Caleb Raes - Deloraine

Click on photo to enjoy a fun look back through the years of all major award winners going right back to the first ever festival of 1981.
As it is a large file due to many years of pictures included, it may take time to load ... please be patient!
Deloraine & Area Border Festival began with one major award, the Rose Bowl, for top performer in the festival. 
In 1990 the major award was renamed the Tudor Bowl as it was realized a Rose Bowl is traditionally awarded in the vocal category. 
In 1992 the vocal Rose Bowl was added as another major award.  The Tudor Bowl would remain a major award for top instrumental performance. 
In 1999 the major award of an Oratorical Cup was added for our ever popular speech arts discipline.
In 2016 a scholarship was created for creative Visual Arts participants.

Unfortunately, we are missing some award winners and pictures.  These years are noted in the link - if you are able to provide names and/or pictures the committee would appreciate hearing from you!  We would also like to know of any participants who "placed" in provincials.
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